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Acedía fresca (kg)


Origin: Huelva.

Organic Products

The acedia is a flat, white fish with an oval body that lives on the sandy bottoms of the Atlantic coasts. This flat fish belongs to the sole family, although its size is usually smaller and its price is cheaper.

The color varies from brown to dark brown. This is due to the type of background where it lives, since it tends to acquire the color of the background where it rests to camouflage itself.

Acedia is an ideal fish for children, since its lateral and central bones are removed very easily, leaving loins with excellent flavor and texture without much effort. Its mild and delicate flavor makes it an ideal fish for the little ones to get used to eating fish.

Acedia is widely consumed in Andalusia and Galicia, where it is generally served fried, although it is a fish that will also give us a great result when grilled. For grilling, the largest sized sourdough is used, reserving those that are smaller in size for frying.


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