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Boquerón gordo fresco (kg)


Origin: Cantabrian.

It is found in all the seas surrounding the Iberian Peninsula, although due to its size and quality, one of the most valued is the Cantabrian anchovy, caught in summer, and the Atlantic anchovy.

It is a seasonal fish, whose price is lower during the summer months, even until November, and which is scarce during the colder months.

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Anchovy is a blue fish with high protein content.

Anchovy is rich in vitamin B3 or niacin (intervened in the metabolism of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, beneficial for the circulatory system), B6 ​​or pyridoxine (recommended in cases of diabetes, depression and asthma, also helping to prevent heart disease), Oily fish is a rich source of omega3 (helps reduce cholesterol, triglycerides, increases blood fluidity, preventing cardiovascular diseases).

It also contains vitamins A (helps in the development of the nervous and immune system by intervening in bone growth) and D (regulates calcium levels in the blood)


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