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Dorada salvaje fresca
(pieza entera)


Origin: Cantabrian.

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Sea bream is a fish rich in protein, selenium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamin B12, B6, D and niacin.

Due to its fat content (1 g per 100 g), it is a lean fish with a high protein content of great biological value. Its meat is a source of potassium and has a high content of phosphorus and selenium.

One serving of sea bream covers 71% of the recommended selenium intake for men aged 20 to 39 with moderate physical activity and 90% in the case of women of the same age.

Among the vitamins of group B, B12, niacin or vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 deserve special mention. Vitamin B12 is present in an amount equivalent to that of meat, eggs and cheese, foods of animal origin and the exclusive natural source of this nutrient.

Regarding fat-soluble vitamins, it is a source of vitamin D. Among the functions of the latter, its contribution to the maintenance of bones under normal conditions stands out.


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